As I was driving home this morning, I saw an American Flag and POW/MIA flag in a front yard of a house flying at half mast. The radio show I was listening to fell to silence in observance of the exact time the first plane hit the tower on this day in 2001.
I pulled my truck over as my eyes welled up. I got out of my truck and stood on the sidewalk in front of this stranger’s house and saluted the flag. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I softly said “I will not forget”. Another stranger who was walking his dog. Stopped by me, had his dog sit and the man joined me in saluting our flag.
We finished our salute and shook each other’s hand and never said a word. He went on his way and I got in my truck and continued home.
There are some of us who will never kneel in front of our flag unless we are in prayer. God bless all who lost their lives, all those first responders and God bless America. We will not forget.
Gary Shade

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