A new life style

Joined a gym this week (Anytime Fitness). Went in for my fitness evaluation today. Good news though….

Weighed in at 284 (I know)… good news: Muscle mass – 170 lbs. Good news I am not obese according to the analysis: I am “solidly built”!

With a bone mass of 8.8 pounds, that leaves 105 lbs.of fat for me to whittle down. The goal is to get that number down by 60 lbs by spring. I want to weigh about 220 by March of next year without losing any muscle mass.

I eat good – low carbs, no sugars (no pop etc.) and I was told to eat more calories! I take in about 1700 a day (more with exercise). But I need to start eating 6 times a day with healthy snacks like veggies etc. This I can do. I am good at eating!

I am a little sore today from my work out which consisted more of stretching than working the machines. That’s why I’m stiff. I also found I have no problem getting up off the floor, but have a hard time getting down on the floor to do floor exercises (I don’t like those anyway).

Coupled with my bo/staff workouts, Tai Chi, and bicycling, this will be good for me this winter.

I like that (170 lbs of muscle and “solidly built”) — Not bad for a 66 year old!

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