I truly believe that God puts challenges in front of us all of the time. He wants to see how we react, and how we behave in those situations he creates for us.

With every crisis comes an opportunity for us to become a better person.

It’s too bad I didn’t bend my way of thinking of these life challenges sooner. It sure would have made my life easier and more peaceful.

Such was the week last week my truck blew a lifter and our business server crashed. I was stressed to be sure, but with God’s help, I started to face these new challenges he threw my way.

He saw fit to make me look up my warranty on the truck and hallelujah! That 5 year or 100,000 power train warranty came in handy. Thank you Belzer Chevrolet for a fast and professional turnaround on the repair.

The server presents another challenge. While it has been over 20 years since I was Unix certified (HP/UX and Sun O/S), I had to learn quickly the commands I needed to setup a Linux web server, PHP and a mail server. The first two were fairly easy once I relearned file and directory permissions, users and groups. But the mail server? Ah… now that is a problem.

While I’ve run mail servers on windows machines for sometime, I have never set up a mail and IMAP server on Linux (or Unix). The server crashed on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and I am still trying to get the setup to work! No luck just yet. But if there is one thing I’ve learned is that this is just one more challenge.

And on top of that an administrator of one of these boxes has to also secure it from hackers as best as he can. My problem is that I locked it down too tight for my users. Will remedy that issue this weekend.

On the plus side: I am learning Unix, the commands, file locations etc. like never before. It’s an interesting trip. and there’s more to come.

On another note… we have a doe visiting our back yard here in town and we are providing it with a  mineral lick to keep it healthy as winter approaches. There was also a magnificent 10- point buck around and my guess is that if the doe is not already pregnant, she will be soon.


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