Civil Unrest

Perhaps it was too much to ask of the leftists who call themselves Democrats, liberals and progressives. When in reality they act more like communists with escalating calls for violence and actual violence in their protests. Trump took office on 1/20/2017 and only 11 days into his Presidency we have a small contingent of the left who have demonstrated their lack of reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Remember when we were being told how violent all those conservatives were? Remember when we were accused of vitriol and purveyors of violence? Well it turns out it is Democrats, liberals, progressives, statists. communists, socialists, and anarchists.

When faced with an opposing view they run and hide to their safe spaces. They shut down discussion by name calling and running away. They attempt to get people with opposing views fired from their jobs, or they call for boycotts of small businesses.

And they beat people. We’ve see countless acts of violence against Trump supporters, and their property. A man was just beat unconscious by the protesters at the air port.

And the politicians are hypocrites. Teary eyed Chuck Schumer cried and called Trump’s temporary suspension of immigration from seven Arabic countries hurtful and wrong. Yet Schummer called for just such a ban under Obama. He said in 2015 that the halt of refugee program was the right thing to do. Just two years later he’s crying and saying it’s mean.

And in his last week in office, Obama stranded hundreds of Cubans as he revoked an Executive Order known as wet foot/dry foot which allowed Cuban refugees into our country if they made it to land. But we didn’t hear a peep from the progressives about Obama’s ban.

The temporary ban that Trump enacted was actually drawn up by Obama. And it targeted the exact same seven nations that are in Trump’s temporary ban.

Secondly, the past five Presidents have all stopped immigration from certain countries at sometime during their Presidency.

And the ban is not permanent and it is NOT a Muslim ban. It bans ALL immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan.

Furthermore, the Constitution applies to citizens and those legally in our country. Not to people trying to come to America. And we have two separate issues: One is illegal immigration and the other is not fully vetting the immigrants who are legally immigrating to the states.

The anarchists and Democrats are now calling for “fighting in the streets” (Tim Kane former running mate of Hillary Clinton).

You have pre-school teachers calling for “killing the white house” and “white people” . She calls for reparations. According to her, whites need to “pay up”. Now considering the fact that she has likely never picked cotton, or been in shackles nor has her mother or father or even grandmother, it’s hard to understand why I would owe her anything.

Another report shows a school teacher who was suspended after she was shooting an image of Trump with a squirt gun in her classroom and in front of students. I can only hope that the Secret Service have now given her a permanent record.

So explain to me why we are consigning our kids to an educational system that employs leftists who are hell bent on indoctrinating our young.

We saw this past week angry feminists waving their menstrual blood like a sword and telling us all how really vile,  crass and crude the left can be in words, and in pictures of the march. Women dressed in vulva costumes made the rest of America believe we were witnessing the inmates of an insane asylum on parade.

The news reports were of a million women who marched and you would have thought that all of womanhood participated. But as of the 2010 census there were 157 million women in the U.S. So their million amounts to .0063% of the women who participated. Granted a million is a large number… but 0.0063% is an even smaller number.

And the women who marched also showed their compassion for the environment by leaving behind tons of garbage. Such sensitivity! I am impressed.

And this is from the tolerant left. The ones who supposedly believe in diversity unless it conflicts with their narrative, their beliefs. Then they shout them down, hurl rocks, start fires in the streets and assault those who dare hold views that differ. Diversity to them is a one way street. There is no diversity in their myopic world. Only chaos.

Prepare America. This might be the Zombie Apocalypse we’ve been on alert for.

(Photos and memes from unkown authors used under Copyright Law Fair Use for reporting on events and educational purposes)

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