Democrats Say the Dumbest Things…

Democratic Debates?

What did many Americans (and illegals) witness the past two nights was an incredible display of tyrants who would like to be President.

Deblasio: The Socialist/Communist

DeBlasio: “Yes we’re supposed to be for 70% tax rate on the wealthy. To hear folks say there is not enough money – what I say to them every single time is there is plenty of money in this world. Plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands.”

Say goodbye to freedom, entrepreneurship, and keeping what you have worked hard for and earned. Say goodbye to meritocracy and hello to compulsory labor for the State. Tyrants like DeBlasio know what’s best for us and how best to use those dollars you’ve earned and saved.

Julian Castro: Abortions for everyone… including males!

Julian Castro wants to fund abortions for men who think they are female. Let that sink in for a moment. “Also let’s not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female, is poor doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose.”

Elizabeth Warren: Socialized Medicine

Elizabeth Warren and DeBlasio both want to eliminate private insurance. There are over 100 million, a third of the US population with private health insurance. This would be a huge disaster for the American population, and our economy.

Warren has also voiced support for reparations to gay and trans persons.

Kamala Harris the Liar

Kamala Harris who many claim is a front runner for the Democrat nomination for President has made some very serious mistakes, gaffes, in her statements. Many consider them to be outright lies.

Kamala Harris lie #1) She says she is a black African American. Her father was Jamaican and her mother Indian (East Indian). So no, you’re not African American. Her father stated in an article he penned: “My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) …”  Harris is all for reparations to be paid to the descendants of American slaves while she claims her own African American ancestry which is a lie.

Jamaican Family Search recorded: “Hamilton Brown owned several plantations over the years 1817 to about 1845. According to the 1818 Almanac which can be found on this site, (Jamaican Family Search) , he was the owner of Minard (128 slaves) which he must have acquired from its previous owner (John Bailie) in 1815 or later. The number of slaves on this estate approximates the number of slaves in one of the registers attributed to his ownership (124 slaves). The other register (86 slaves) cannot be assigned to any estate, although he is listed in Almanacs for subsequent years as owning several, (Antrim, Grier Park, Colliston, Little River, Retirement and Unity Valley).” Source: Trump.News

Kamala Harris lie #2) She was bused as part of desegregation. She told Joe Biden that she was in the Berkeley public school’s second integrated class. She said And, you know, there was a little girl in California, who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bussed to school every day. And, that little girl was me FALSE. She rode a school bus like many children do. But the school waas integrated in 1963 and Harris was born in 1964.

Kamala Harris Lie #3) In an interview with the Breakfast Club radio program, Harris claimed to have listened to both Snoop Dog and Tupac in college while smoking weed. The problem is that neither of those rappers had recorded anything while she was attending graduate school.

Joe Biden – the new Messiah

Joe Biden has said that he will cure cancer if elected, and if you vote for him there will be an “after-life”. Wonder if any of Joe’s staff have told him that he’s not really the son of God.

He also made an idiotic statement when asked by one of the moderators at the debate what his first priority would be if he were elected President and Joe said his first priority would be to “defeat Trump”. You see Joe the way it works is that IF you are elected President you would have already defeated Trump. But Joe seems oblivious to reality lately. Often slurring his words and well… just being Joe.

And all of the candidates raised their hands to give healthcare to illegals. Only Warren and Deblasio raised their hands when asked who would give up their public servant health insurance.

And many of them wish to decriminalize illegal immigration making it a “civil” offense which is nothing more than a call for open borders. Border crisis solved! Hell you’ve got three candidates who spoke to the audience in Spanish. Of course it’s pandering and of course it was cringe worthy. But that’s who the Democrats are today.

The Democrats have time and time again shown us that they are the party of:

  • Infanticide: Late term abortions including the 3rd trimester
  • Antisemitism – They have more antisemitic office holders and candidates than the Nazi Party currently has
  • Registration and confiscation of firearms (they do not even attempt to hide it anymore)
  • Raising taxes ALL Taxes from gas taxes that affect everyone who drives to estate taxes
  • Unfettered flow of illegal aliens into America
  • Allowing felons to vote
  • Allowing 16 year old kids to vote
  • Allowing illegals to vote
  • Giving free health care to illegals
  • Repeal of the Constitutional Electoral College (do you see the pattern here???)
  • Minnesota Democrats vote 73-54 in favor of allowing convicted murderers, child sex offenders, drive-by shooters to work in DHS programs (HF 2265)
  • Speech control and censorship (Christian, whites, and conservative principles)
    • Making criticism of Islam a crime (i.e. Sharia Law)
  • Sharia law in, freedom of speech and practice of Christianity out
  • Welfare and education benefits for illegal aliens
  • Non-cooperation with Immigration officials (i.e. sanctuary cities)
  • Elimination of cows and cow farts (Green New Deal)
  • Elimination of airplanes (Green New Deal)
  • Monthly aid for people who can not work or DO NOT want to work (Original Green Deal proposal)
  • Corey Booker wants to put a hefty tax on meat so people will eat vegan
  • Most all of the Democrat candidates want the US Treasury to pay reparations to people who were never slaves, nor were their parents or grandparents slaves. And the money would come from the taxes paid by people who never owned slaves.
  • One Democrat Presidential candidate (Elizabeth Warren) is calling for reparations for gays and tans people.
  • Medicare for all
  • Free education for all
  • Paying all people (even non-citizens) a monthly stipend for doing nothing and calling it “living assistance” of $1500 or more per month.
  • Raising the minimum wage (it’s not working where they have raised it resulting in fewer employee hours, smaller staffs and businesses going out of business).
  • Getting God of schools but allowing Allah into schools through mandatory “Hijab days” and field trips to Mosques and forced listening to Muslim Imam speakers.)
  • Transgender story time for K-8 students – (Drag Queens brought into classrooms of our children for story time) meant to foster acceptance off the less than 1% transgenders in this country
  • Criminalize people who use the wrong pronoun to describe a “non-binary” person

The 2019 Democrat field of Presidential candidates and most of the Democrat Party should be in mental institutions. Not in office.

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