pole-barn-smallWell we now have the four sides of my son’s pole barn sided with steel siding and the roof and roof cap are on as well. A little touch up work is left so I will have one maybe two more days at his place to act as UNPAID labor for him.

He works me hard when we work and as it should be. In five hours we took one fifteen minute break. Maybe that’s why we get so much done.

We reworked the front of the barn today. Jason and I didn’t like the way the right facing portion of the barn (your right in the picture) looked and so we took out some new siding and started cutting. I think as you can see in the photo that the result was well worth it.

Grandma’ Sue watched the little one while his Dad and I worked on the barn. And we got so many white pumpkins this year thanks to Sue and Jason.

Oh and I got my truck back from the Chevy dealer today. They replaced all fuel lifers after they found one intake rocker arm loose from a lifter being mechanically stuck. Lucky for me that the truck had a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty on the power train! A $2,800 bill covered under warranty.

All in all – not a bad day.

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