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Former CIA Director John Brennan himself should be declassified

Brennan is on every Sunday morning political talk show he can book himself on to repeat his slanderous accusations that our President is “treasonous”. He’s obviously hurt that his security clearance has been revoked by the White House and claims the censure and revocation infringes on his 1st Amendment rights to free speech. Bullshit.

What the security clearance gives to Brennan is the ability to be paid more for his commentary on CNN, MSNBC and all the other left leaning outlets that want to pay him as a “consultant”. Same goes for private industry as well. The security clearance is often a deal breaker for former top level government employees who seek to retire from government, but continue to live high on the hog.

Brennan should never have been CIA Director in the first place. He came to prominence under Obama after he helped the Obama administration lie about Benghazi and to cover up key facts of what led up to the attack of our consulate in September of 2012, and he was appointed Director of the CIA a scant four months later on January 7th 2013.

In 2013 it was revealed that two survivors of Benghazi were told to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) at a MEMORIAL service for those who were killed in Benghazi. And Brennan denied that the CIA was trying to keep people silent and from telling their stories of survival and what they knew happened at Benghazi.

He was viewed at the CIA as erratic, dangerous, political, and above all else not truthful. Saying and doing anything to cover up the truth and advance often times dangerous and disingenuous narratives to his peers, superiors and the American Public.

Besides lying about Benghazi, he lied about other matters. For example, in 2014 he lied about spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee and it’s members. After the Inspector General’s report came our with evidence that the SIC computers were indeed hacked, Brennan apologized for the matter and appointed a do nothing committee to look into the allegations. These were not allegations. They were fact. Brennan lied.

Within the CIA over 50 analysts complained that their reports were substantially edited by their superiors to further the Obama narrative on the middle east and ISIS.

The idea that a top level security clearance is yours for life is nuts. The New York Times reported that there are currently over 5.4 MILLION people in the us (about 1.3 active in the private sector) that have top secret clearances. As I said before, these are often required for positions in industry but to have 4.3 million public sector employees having top level clearances (many of whom never worked in government positions) is just crazy. It leads to stolen secrets as in the Snowden case or Reality Winner who copied top secret documents and mailed them to news organizations. These are people who should never have had top level security clearances in the first place.

As to Brennan’s claim that somehow the revocation of his security clearance somehow infringes on his 1st Amendment rights is total bull, He has no more right to his security clearance than you or I do as private citizens. It’s a perk, a privilege that can be taken from anyone at anytime without cause.

My opinion on the matter. Brennan is a mean, vindictive little man who used government assets to further the narratives of those he liked and to trash the reputations of those he did not. There is a little doubt from the growing body of evidence that if anyone “colluded” with the Russians in the 2016 elections, it was Hilary, and Breenan and the assets he controlled at the CIA. Brennan’s role should be thoroughly examined and if found guilty of spying on American citizens, he should be prosecuted. It is after all illegal for the CIA to spy on U.S. citizens and it appears Brennan did exactly that.

(Image from FLICKR used under fair use copyright)

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