It’s Not Their Money!

Is it any wonder. It’s not their money. Looking a governmental balance sheet or their version of a profit and loss statement (i.e. “revenues” vs. “expenditures”) takes the human element out of where those dollars came from.
They don’t see you and me working last year until April 16th just to pay all the taxes, state, local and federal owed in 2019. That’s right – every dollar you earned last year went to taxes up to April 16th. That was our Tax Freedom Day in 2019.
Government has found that they can vote themselves the treasury. They give themselves raises, they take junkets to exotic places and call it a fact finding trip, and live lavishly on our dime.
They move money out of the Social Security Trust fund as if it was there for their own personal amusement. The government lists $2.6 TRILLION in intergovernmental holdings (a fancy term for IOUs) to the OASI (Old-age- Survivors Insurance), and another 140 BILLION to the DI fund (Disability Insurance Fund).
But we’re told that the OASI fund will run out of money this century. THEN STOP STEALING FROM IT. But hey – they found that they can steal from us through taxes and the tax payer won’t even notice. After all what would he or she do? Throw the bums out of office? Start a revolution?
“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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