John McCain passes away at age 81

John McCain served his country his entire adult life. While I did not always agree with McCain on politics (such as when he voted no to repealing Obamacare), he served our country to the best of his ability and in a manner he thought to be honorable.

If we all had such dedication and such a love for this country, America would be in a better place.

He picked Sarah Palin, then Governor of Alaska for his running mate in his 2008 bid for the Presidency. He ignited a firestorm of conservatives running for political office across the U.S. that endures today. He also blamed himself for starting the conservative political revolution as he considered himself to be a conservative, but a moderate. One who would reach across the isle in a gesture of bi-partisanship, and even attack his own party if it suited him.

Most who knew him also recognize he had a quick temper, but he prided himself on being fair in all of his relationships.

He was no fan of President Trump for a variety of reasons from Trumps statements on the campaign trail, to the leaked tape of Trump and Billy Bush on Access Hollywood to Trump’s actions at Helsinki.

I was not a fan of McCain in politics, but I am a huge fan of how this man faced his impending death with dignity and grace and a fortitude few of us would be able to muster. His love for his country was only overshadowed by his love for his God and family.

I salute you Senator McCain. May you rest in peace.

John McCain 1936 – 2018

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