June Proclamation – The Crazies are in Charge

I hereby proclaim that June is officially the month of the Crazies. Realize I have no power to proclaim anything, yet I feel compelled to since no one else is making such a proclamation.

What is meant by “Month of the Crazies”? It’s all about politics, and the asylum (or rather the lack of one). If you control the media, control the schools and colleges and you are the one making the laws, you can control the people.

The Media

We come to this month’s column because of the fits that Rosanne gave the leftists in Hollywood and the politico when she compared Valerie Jarrett to an ape in the planet of the apes. While I would not have made that comparison, Rosanne did. And her show was promptly canceled, reruns were pulled from the Internet and syndication, and she lost her manager. All because of an errant Tweet.

While many will say it was justified, we conservatives have to ask “Why so one sided?”. After all Bill Maher compared Donald Trump to an Orangutan. But that apparently is OK since Maher is an irreverent and often irrelevant self-proclaimed Libertarian which many progressives (Crazies) don’t view as a threat.

And let’s not forget Joy Behar of the View who said the Christian belief in God is a mental illness. She did apologize but was not otherwise reprimanded by the same network that canceled Roseanne. Yet every single day the three liberals on the show bash President Trump with relentless fervor. Behar has had to apologize, Whoopi has had to apologize for on air vitriol as well. Yet they still have their jobs and they still have the bully pulpit.

Next we have the Crazy Samantha Bee who last Wednesday night referred to Ivanka Trump as a “feckless c***”. But she still has her show, and manager. Conservatives smell a rat here. Kathy Griffith couldn’t wait to rush to defend Bee and her comment. After all this is just comedy right? Wrong. Griffith held up the infamous severed head of Trump. There was NOTHING funny about it. It was mean, it was vile and Griffith’s public punishment was fitting and deserving.

But Samantha Bee continues to have her show on TBS. Rosanne lost hers. Samantha Bee still has her manager. Rosanne lost hers.

On top of that we see that Crazy Zucker-Boy’s thought police continue to punish conservatives and Christians but give a pass to Muslims (Crazies) who post cartoons like the one that appeared last week of two Muslims hanging a Jew. That apparently does not violate Facebook’s “community standards”.

Twitter (another Crazy) also is also getting in on the act by banning the Kent State graduate Kaitlin Bennett for a photo she posted of her holding two pistols behind her back and captioned “If I had a pistol for every gender there is”. The display of TWO firearms, and a slam at the gender obsession crowd was obviously too much for the Twitter snowflake gender police. And Kaitlin was banned from posting. They accused her of “abusive behavior” which Twitter defines as “an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice”.

That’s quite a Crazy jump from a photo of a young lady holding two guns behind her back to an “attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice” (bad grammar Twitter – how about ‘silence someone’s voice’ ?)

The hypocrisy here is that Crazy Twitter users have threatened Kaitlin’s life which prompted her to get her carry permit issued by her Sheriff in record time. He believed the threats on her life to be credible. Twitter on the other hand has not suspended any of the people who made the threats on Kaitlin’s life.

What we have established with all of this anecdotal evidence is a double standard for speech. And in particular in the media and on social platforms. But this is the world we are living in. Where something will offend someone, sometime and just about anywhere. There are no safe havens for free speech in this New World Order where the Crazies are in charge. In fact free speech is becoming as endangered as the giant panda.

When idealogues are in charge of the media we have no free speech.


When we willing give our children over to our local schools for the better part of their day, we expect that they are being educated, not indoctrinated. But that is so often not true. And many parents don’t really give a damn about nurturing the independent streak in their children, they would rather they shut up and sit down and comply. That is how willing subjects are created. Not individual thinkers.

We know that schools are gun free zones, but what happens when the school tries to make the student’s personal life gun free as well? In New Jersey two high school students found out when they were suspended for five days for posting a photo of them at a gun range with their family and not on school time.

The school apparently has a rule that a student can be suspended or expelled for being in possession of a firearm for any reason or purpose on or off school grounds. This includes going to the shooting range with Dad who wants to be sure his children are educated about gun safety, proper gun handling and marksmanship. And we all know why bureaucrats love rules. So they can capriciously enforce them against those who fail to comply.

Anyone including the school board, who thinks this is what the writers of that rule had in mind is a dumb as the rule itself. But this is what we get when the schools are awash with the PC crowd who are so against individualism and responsibility it just plain stinks to high heaven.

What if the kid had been holding a knife as he cut the turkey at Thanksgiving. Does this violate a “rule” or a “weapons policy” also? Yet they must think we as a society have collectively reached the point of shared stupidity and won’t put up a fight to the obviously asinine.

Or how about the Oregon 8th grader who was suspended for wearing a patriotic T-shirt? His mistake was wearing a shirt that stated “Standing for those who stood for us” with a graphic of boots, rifle (pointing down at the ground) and helmet atop the rifle which most everyone understands as depicting a fallen hero.

But he was not the only one. In Texas (yes Texas) a high school student was suspended for wearing a T-shirt with the American flag and an eagle on the front of it. He was told it violated the high school’s dress code. The Principal who was not on campus at the time of the suspension did apologize to the boy and stated the administrator who suspended the student misinterpreted the school’s policy.

But what is really bad are the leftist teachings and the reports of students getting kicked out of class or belittled by their teachers and professors for having and articulating conservative view points. This takes a place of learning and transforms it to an indoctrination center for the weak minded. One where the strong willed are reminded on a daily basis that the “state” will win as it is all powerful. One where the student is branded with a school record of suspensions, insubordination and expulsions.

In Minnesota, the Edina school district is under fire for their progressive indoctrination and outright bullying of students. Only after teachers were recorded (I assume by video and audio) were they taken to task by the administrator of the school. The reason the student recorded the teacher was because he “was tired” of being bullied by this teacher for his conservative views.


Washington Crazies are out in force as well. Holding out for the hope that special counsel Mueller will find something to hang on our President. When the reality is all so called Russian collusion appears to have occurred with Democrats.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that Australia is monitoring childrens books for being too gender specific. They are looking at toys also for being over-genderized: “No Barbies for you!” says the gender Nazi. “No Trucks for you” too. So the Crazies have invaded Australia.

California has banned state funding for travel to Oklahoma since Oklahoma has a law stating that private adoption agencies are able to operate according to their religious beliefs. Now we’ve known for a long time that many living in California and certainly the majority who govern California (AR – After Reagan) are nut cases and certifiably Crazy. They ban people from travel to other states while welcoming illegals pouring into their state.

And then there is Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and so many others in the Democratic party that are so in need of a mental health professional.

If the Democrats are ever allowed to rule in the majority again we are all doomed. Just say NO to liberalism. It really is a disease.

Let’s close with this look at why the Crazies remain a threat.


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  1. We; the rightful owners of this land will stay watchful; vigilant, and always at the ready.

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