K.A.R.E.N run in at Total Wine Burnsville MN

Had my first encounter with an out of control K.A.R.E.N. today. Went to one of my favorite stores where shopping has not been a problem before, but this time an assistant manger shouted to me “SIR WOULD YOU LIKE A MASK?” I answered “NO. I’m exempt.” He shouted back “HOW ARE YOU EXEMPT?” I said you can’t asked that according to the Emperor’s Executive Order”. ” He continued “WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO SHOP FOR YOU?” I shouted back “NO”.

I grabbed what I wanted then stood in line. It took me three minutes exactly.

The guy in front of me was checking out and said “Hey FUCKHEAD put your FUCKING MASK ON!” I asked him “what did you say?” and said I don’t have to wear one, I’m exempt. “FUCK YOUR EXEMPTION he screamed back. “You assholes think you’re above the law put your FUCKING MASK ON” he again shouted. I suggested we step outside to talk so others wouldn’t have to listen to his vulgarities.

I asked if his mask was not working or if he needed a new one or perhaps he would like to try to put a mask on me himself. He took two or three steps towards me, violating I’m sure his own social distance rule. “I should just knock you upside your stupid GD head” I smiled and said do it (taking a step towards him now) but it will be the last fucking thing you ever do.”

He said “Oh what are you going to do? Pull a gun on me you stupid prick why don’t you go suck Trump’s dick you stupid cocksucker” then he said “No I’ll just record you” and he pulled he cell phone out. I just smiled and told the clerk to summon the store manager.

The same assistant manager who berated me when I came into the store strolled over, rolled his eyes and called for the real manager who told the KAREN guy to complete his checkout and for me to move back from him (remember KAREN violated my space). I did back up. The KAREN checked out and left. I did as well. The manager waited for me and pulled me aside and said he was sorry for the experience and hoped I’d come back and shop with them again. He said he understands not everyone need wear a mask.

And this type of behavior from these liberal KARENs is why my wife has become a virtual shut-in since the mask edict was issued. Someone is going to get hurt because of Walz’s stupid edict. It has not worked. Reported COVID 19 cases have not gone down since he issued the mask mandate.

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