Make America Great Again Before it’s Too Late

COVID19 fatally targets one specific part of the population. It has a 99% recovery rate. For most it’s a mild flu like illness. So come up with a plan to deal with the real problem.

We’ve been lied to by most of government about COVID19. We’re lied to about the death rate and perhaps even the infection rate. Do we count everyone with Corona-virus (which is prevalent in the population) or is it really a COVID 19 infection? Did someone HAVE COVID19 at the time of their death or was COVID19 the cause of death? Someone needs to ask the damn question!

We’re lied to and conned into trading freedom for a false sense of security and most don’t even realize their freedoms are gone.

The populace is told to call 800#s and turn in your neighbors, to be fearful of anyone who does not wear a mask in public and turn in groups of two or more, or if they see children outdoors playing on a playground or even see a single person in the ocean on a surfboard and to call the police.

We’re told we are “selfish” for wanting a hair cut or to sit down with friends in a restaurant. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re uneasy with it – then stay the hell at home. If you’re uneasy with it – YOU wear the mask and leave the rest of us alone. That’s called freedom.

We’ve become a nation of self-centered, scared little pussies (no offense to pussies). We were not founded by pussies. We were founded by the brave who risked everything for freedom and liberty.

Where the hell did America go? Is she simply asleep? I pray she is. Let’s all wake up then wake her up and make America Great Again.

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