Musings and a satirical look at the Demonic Debate on 02/25/2020:

A lot of angry old, white rich men on the stage last night.

And one angry woman.

And one who claimed half of all Americans (actually 46%) have been killed by gun violence since 2007 (Biden: “150 million” was the number he stated).

Biden: “Is it my turn to speak? Why did you let him go over his time limit? I’m going to talk now! Is it my turn to speak?? What am I running for? The US Senate? Oh no – I think I soiled myself”

Bernie: “Well let me tell you… FREE SHIT FREE SHIT FREE SHIT” And now he will teach inner city blacks how to start a business to sell legalized marijuana. Really Bernie? Wow.

Warren: “Well let me tell ya'”…. then another fabrication. “Well let me tell ya’ when I was fresh out of college and I was a teacher of children with disabilities… I got pregnant and the school gave my teaching poisition to another teacher while I was on maternity leave!” What school? Oh yeah she never says the name of the school so her claim can not be verified. Another fabrication? I think so….

Buttigeig: Quotes the Bible in a feeble attempt to show that a homosexual who believes in abortions up to birth really is Christian. He has also plagiarized an Obama speech…

Steyer: ” Why am I still here?? ” (paraphrased)

Klobuchar: ” We call it a ‘hotdish’ in Minnesota. See how I can relate?”

Bloomberg: “I like to buy another question please.” and who will forget “I bought them” in reference to House Democrats who gave Pelosi the title of Speaker of the House. He bought them alright. And who is interfering in our elections? Not the Russians.

Bloomberg: “I led a complex, diverse city through 9/11, and I have common-sense plans to move America away from chaos to progress,” Only problem is that Bloomberg was not Mayor. He took office in 2002.  Rudy Giuliani led New York through 9/11.

What I heard was “Bigger government, more taxes, confiscate your firearms, and exempt ourselves from the laws we pass for you to obey.” and “hotdish”.

Tomi Lahren put it this way: “Democrat debate was like a nursing home cafeteria that ran out of Jell-O”

I could not agree more.
~ Gary Shade ~

All documentary evidence around her leave from her first job as a teacher in New Jersey indicates it was voluntary.

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