Springtime Colds

I know, I know. My wife says I am really difficult to be around when I have a cold. She likens me to a whiny little child. She is a gem. To this day I don’t know why she said yes when I asked her to marry me. But thank God she said yes. It will be 42 years this month. I think I’ll keep her and I certainly hope she keeps me.

This head cold and upper respiratory crap hit me a week ago. Last Sunday. It started with a scratchy throat and quickly progressed to the upper respiratory coughing and hacking and sneezing.

But you all know that. Do you know how I know? Because many of you had this same thing hit you this season. If it’s not the flu it’s what we affectionately call the creeping crud. So you either had one or the other.

I prefer the creeping crud. Not because I like being sick, it just beats the alternative. Still I have never seen such an aggressive approach to get people of all ages to take the flu vaccine. What’s so funny about that is that the medical profession tells us that it’s only 15% to 30% effective.

But my question is framed like this: If a person gets the flu shot then gets the flu, we know it is 100% INEFFECTIVE. But if you get the shot and do not get the flu, how can we be sure the shot WAS effective. I mean it could be the chicken noodle soup you had for lunch.

Have we ever had two control groups, who ate the very same thing, got the same amount of rest and was exposed to the flu virus to be sure the shot IS effective? That’s why this “effective” percentage is a load of crap.

Next the medical profession tells us that with the shot it lessens the effects of the flu. Really? Ask those who contracted the flu after getting the shot then compare their pain and suffering to someone who got the flu without the shot. I am pretty sure they will both say it was hell. Why? Because I’ve asked. However anecdotal it may be, it beats the lack of documentation that exists to contradict my hypothesis.

Did you know that back in 1962 or 1963, children only received  6 vaccinations? Smallpox, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis,Polio (OPV), Measles, Mumps, Rubella (combines as MMR).

Today children receive around 72 vaccinations. Most are yearly injections of the influenza vaccine. Yet we have a huge increase in childhood autism, asthma, and ADHD (though many believe ADHD is made up to push more drugs from big Pharma).

My take on this growing body of evidence is to skip the flu shot. It’s a shot in the dark at best.

I did have the flu once. Way back in 1977/ Right at Thanksgiving too. We were both sicker than a pair of dogs for a little over a week. But we’ve learned and remembered the lessons of that experience.

We avoid the large crowds and wash our hands often when we are out or dealing with the public. We don’t share drinking or eating utensils etc. AVOID THE PEANUT BOWL AT THE LOCAL BAR! Yes – the petri dish of germs!

So you might ask – if you take all these precautions how did I get sick? Easy. I sat across from someone who coughed non-stop for 6 hours last Friday. Despite me asking not to, he coughed right at me. Even though he covered most of his coughs, I’m pretty sure his hands were not air tight. I couldn’t avoid it. He was a customer of ours. Certainly if he exhibited boils or some other physically repulsive abnormality I would have walked away. But a cough? Maybe I should have.

One thing that has helped me thus far is tons of garlic and ginger, Luden’s cough drops and sleep.

Will get back to my eggs and my cayenne pepper remedy tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

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