The Crazies Part 2

OK. So the crazies are in charge.

If they were just crazy and kept to themselves then that would be ok. But they don’t.

They clog freeways with their protests, key cars with Trump stickers on them, harass and throw things at Trump supporters at rallies and now they stalk people in his administration when in public like Sarah Sanders who was recently harassed at dinner and a few Trump supporters are even spit on by protesters while they are out trying to enjoy a movie with family members like the Attorney General of Florida was this week.

The crazies have ratcheted up their rhetoric calling for assault and rape on the children of Trump and his wife as Peter Fonda recently has done, or like Kathy Griffith who posed with a fake though severed head of our President and now pretends that she is the real victim when she finds her work opportunities have dried up.

Hollywood gives standing ovations to assholes who grab their 15 minutes of stage time by screaming “FUCK TRUMP” over and over into the microphone as DeNiro at the last Tony award ceremony.

And we have Maxine Waters. There are a few serving in Washington that in my opinion should be in a straight jacket and Maxine Waters is one of them. She has called for open harassment of any Trump staffer when seen in public.. Yes the crazies are currently calling the shots.

In Minneapolis, the police respond to the call of a man with a gun firing shots in the air and into the ground. The police find him. The man runs. The man gets shot. The man dies. An eye witness stated that as he came around his garage, the witness saw the perp laying in a pool of blood with a pistol laying next to him. Giving credence to the fact that Blevins (the man shot) was armed when the police opened fire.

But that does not matter to some. They were out protesting the death of another young black man. One even saying “Sure he made some bad choices…” but did he deserve to die? Well. if he were waving or pointing a gun at thos officers or if he did not drop it when being told to drop it… then yes. He did deserve to get shot. As the gun represnets a real danger and fear of great bodily harm or death to those officers. But still to some, nothing will justify a police officer shooting a bad guy or a deranged guy with a gun.

And there are people who want me to give up my firearms. Turn them in. Have them destroyed.

No thank you. Not now, and not ever. The Craazies seem to be running the show and I have to be prepared.

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