The Democrats are both: Dangerous and a joke

If the Iowa caucus proved anything to us, it’s that the Democrats have earned the mascot of a braying jackass. At least that’s what 51% of Americans think of them. What a laughing stock!

It’s 6pm on Tuesday Feb 4th. The Iowa Caucus was last night and we still don’t have a definitive winner yet. Buttigeig is being reported at 27% of the vote but only 62% of the results being reported.

And these are the people who want to run the country and our healthcare? You have to be kidding.

Elizabeth Warren who is reported to be in 3rd place behind Sanders, said last night in Iowa: “Tonight is for every undocumented, unafraid organizer and volunteer who knocked on doors….” (}

Let that sink in… she is thanking undocumented (ILLEGAL) aliens who are knocking on doors to get people (legal voters and perhaps ILLEGAL voters) to vote for Warren. This is blatant interference in our elections is it not? Our Presidential election is for American CITIZENS to participate in. Not illegals.

But this is the way of the Democrats.

The Caucus system in Iowa this year on the Democrats side, may even be a dry run at how to steal an election. We’ll have to wait and see. Still no definitive winner.

Tonight is the President’s State of the Union address. It should be very interesting to say the least.

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