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The Quick Fix

The term “average” implies that half the population is below “average” intelligence. People also want free shit. Give me something for nothing is what they ask for, but as we all know NOTHING is ever free. Someone has to foot the bill.

The solution to America’s problem is this:
1) Teach civics class in the classroom

2) Say the pledge of allegiance to the flag in all elementary schools through 8th grade – and do it every day.

3) Require work for welfare. Society will assist you when and only when you prove you are trying to better yourself by having full time employment. Work part time? You get partial assistance. You don’t work? You get no assistance.

4) End subsidized day care. It’s a ripe for fraud as we have found out in Minnesota where day cares fraudulently collect government subsidies for children who are not even present for the entire day! Mother’s walk the kids in and walk them out after getting their kick back for the scheme.

If you want a subsidy for day care, see #3 above. You have to prove you are working.

5) Bring back shop class to the high schools. Not everyone is meant to go to college. Stop pushing the myth. Kids will become productive sooner and have zero to minimal debt if they train for the trades.

6) Make it mandatory that students pass a test on the U.S. Constitution as a requirement for graduation. A standardized test created by constitutional scholars and not leftists, Marx indoctrinating teachers.

While this is a good start, it might just restore faith in our country and teach young people what a sense of service to country is all about. Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air to America and has already accomplished so much. Yet there is still so much more to do.

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