“We need to do something!!”

As a nation, we all mourn for those killed in the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

Yet as we mourn, the Internet is alive with hate and vitriol for conservatives, Republicans and President Trump. Presidential candidates Cory Booker, and Robert O’Rourke have openly blamed for the shootings and called him a racist stating his rhetoric is responsible for the insanity we’ve seen in El Paso and Dayton.

Calls are for more gun control. Democrats and leftists have called for gun bans, magazine bans, and universal background checks that effectively gut private sales.

So called journalists from MSNBC, ABC, CBS and even Fox have lost all credibility as journalists and are now commentators with an unequaled left wing bias. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

We’ll look at the following myths:

  • More gun laws will reduce crime
  • Banning high capacity magazines will reduce deaths in mass shootings
  • Banning private sales will reduce mass shooting and stop criminals from having access to firearms
  • Mass shootings are carried out by predominantly white shooters and white supremacists
  • We should do something! We just can’t sit there!

More Gun Laws Reduce Crime

At the turn of the 20th century nearly everyone in America owned a firearm. Yet we did not have frequently occurring mass shootings. If there was a mass shooting, such as the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day massacre where seven North Side gangsters were killed in the Lincoln Park Garage in Chicago. The mass shooting made headlines nationwide and was the cubject of many books and movies. Yet shootings like the St. Valentine’s Day massacre were extremely rare and did not usually involve innocents as we see today.

One of the more extensive studies on the ownership of firearms and crime was conducted by John Lott and David Mustard. In John Lott’s book he presents data from every county in the United States for 29 years (1977 to 2005). His findings were that when states pass right to carry laws, crime goes down. His study was published in 1997 in the Journal for Legal Studies.

His conclusion backed by data is that more guns equals less crime.

Banning High Capacity Magazines will save Laws.

The anti-gun argument is that if you have less “bullets” (cartridges) then the shooter will have to reload. And if they reload, there MIGHT be time to subdue the gun man and take his weapon away.

It’s naive and simplistic on at least two levels. First, it assumes someone will act to disarm the gunman. That is not a given. While many people would act in such a manner, even more would not.

Secondly, anyone who knows anything about firearms knows it is feasible to change magazines very quickly. In under 3 seconds in most cases. So limiting magazine capacity won’t solve any problems. Just look at how fast a revolver can be reloaded.

Banning private sales will reduce mass shooting and stop criminals from having access to firearms

According to a Depart of Justice study, criminals were found NOT to have purchased their firearms from dealers or at gun shows where private sales from collectors and citizens may take place. The study found the majority of firearms criminals used in crimes were from the black market or a family member or friend. The DOJ conclusion was that gun laws won’t work.

Mass shootings are carried out by Predominantly White Shooters and White Supremacists

This is a not accurate, a lie.
(See the meme and judge for yourself).

We should do something! We just can’t sit there!

This is the worst type of legislation. It’s based on emotion rather than facts and no thought is given as to whether the laws will be effective or not. It is the leftist’s Utopian battle cry (that and “if we could only save one child…”)

The one thing all mass shooters have in common is discussed in this article and it is not a gun:

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