A week torn from the pages of 2020. Last Monday, 11/09 I made the boneheaded decision to upgrade our Internet Service through Frontiernet. We have been a customer of theirs since 1988 and an Internet customer since 1995. You would think we could get better tech support but … NOOOOO.

So we’re switching all of our domains to another provider who will also be hosting our web sites. For 25 years we self hosted our own and customer web sites on our very own in house servers. Now it’s time to give all that up (and all the headaches that go with self-hosting).

But I digress… Please order your online carry classes here, through this web site. You do need to create an account or you will not be able to order our classes.   To create your account, go to the menu heading LOGIN/SHOP and the sub-menu MY ACCOUNT. Once you have done so, make sure you have logged into our site and then shop for your class (under FIREARM COURSES).

I look forward to serving you and seeing you at the range!

Gary & Susan Shade

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