Will the lunacy ever stop??

I read today that someone had the audacity to post a note on the window of the office of the department of diversity at Englewood College in Madison WI that read “suck it up pussies” in reference to the angst some students and faculty feel about the election of Donald Trump as our next President.

Well it has apparently upset some snowflakes who are students at the College and they complained about not feeling safe. So the University naturally had to investigate the post it note as a  horrendous “HATE” crime. And they called in the Madison Police department to  investigate the post it note as a hate crime as well.

Yes “suck it up pussies” might just be a hate crime. Or maybe not. But in Madison Wuss-consin (intended misspelling) it most certainly will be investigated as such.

Still it is indicative as to where these liberal emasculated cry babies (dare I call them pussies?) want to take us as a nation. “I don’t feel safe” they will whine and the world is supposed to stop and actually care about their feelings. I suppose we should offer them a safe zone or a safe room where they can huddle and cuddle with their blankie and Mr. Blinky.

Suck it up pussies. That’s not how the world works.


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